Pragati Rental Services assure to provide not only power but pure power which means providing the power at actual frequency required to run a successful event. like prestigious wedding , stage show, road show, birthday party etc. or may it be a power failure to be met by a computerized modern bank, hospital , construction company or any other kind of official unit. .
We understand the need of our client the kind of power supplier optimum which would suit our clients requirement. A fleet of trucks along with trained staff are able to deliver and services facilities at any time and any where. The excellent customer services provider by the company has won it repeat orders from client, and we make sure that our client get good value and professional services for the money they spend..
We assure you of good quality and services in the market , we are confident you will be satisfied with quality and services of our all products.
Misting fan stand alone is made of stainless steel with revolving facility. Water tank capacity 70Liter.
Misting fan having pressure pipe lines with 2500 lbs heavy duty compressor to create dense mist to bring down outer temperature to 120 to 170 centigrade.
Mist maker machines release water vapor and fog that can keep your environment with a pleasant feel.
Mist fan provide an indoor/outdoor cooling by dropping the temperature about 20-30 degrees.
It can release a fresh evaporated cooling and its   unique features are more appreciable and suitable for outdoor applications
These water misting systems have proved that these are more effective rather that other outdoor cooling equipments.

You can  avail the entire range of outdoor cooling system at the market leading prices.

CA is a cooling device, which can moved from one place to another place as per your needs.
Large 30 Inch Aluminum Die Casted fan.
Powerful 2500 sq. ft. air throw.
Largest 60 ltr. Tank capacity.
Longest pad area
3 speed motor
Full function remote control.
Automatic operating system
Lowest power Consumption.
Soundproof .
Effective cooling.
It can be availed on rental basis for various outdoor as well as indoor purpouses .It can provide you on spot instant cooling You can hire these exclusive range of standing  COMMERCIAL  AIRJET  for party pourpose as well.
Chemical Toilet is a toilet using fresh water flush toilet system, having a capacity to serve 250-300 people,before next cleaning is needed a special chemical is used in the " RestRoom" and it remains free from bacteria and foul smell during this period .An even simpler chemical toilet consists of a seat on a container or bucked of water, with a solution of chemicals used to disinfect and deodorize. Hence you get a trouble freecomplete toilet solution for all place and occasions.Portable toilets are universally chemical toiles. Disinfection is generally carried out by making formaldehyde or similar chemicals with the toilet water when flushed. Chemical toilets are often used on construcyion sites and at outdoor gatherings such as music festivals, and in caravans, Marriages.
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